Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in the UK?

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There are many conflicting stories concerning the legality of CBD products on offer in the UK. Most of which are caused by a  misunderstanding of the product, which people wrongly think has the same hallucinogenic mind-altering features that THC has. They are two very different substances and each has its own particular effects on the body. Both CBD and THC come from the cannabis family of plants. The difference is, in the main, CBD comes from the industrial HEMP plant, which is grown specifically because of its high CBD yield and very low THC yield.

Industrial Hemp

All the products in our online store are from Industrial Hemp, which produces a higher percentage of CBD and only trace amounts of  THC. The UK legal limit for products containing THC is regulated to having an amount of no more than 0.2%. All our CBD products comply fully with UK law and do not break the UK legal limit for the amount of THC permitted to be sold. There is also a growing consensus that a trace amount of THC in products actually improves the effectiveness, by adding to the entourage effect. All our products are made from European industrial HEMP plants, which are organically grown using strict farming methods.  The plants are specially selected to produce predominately CBD with only a trace 0.2% of THC. CBD Active Oil There is no chance of getting a high from using any of our products, and they will not have any effects on your everyday activities. There are no psychoactive or dangerous components present in any of the products we sell.

CBD products

All our CBD products are regularly laboratory tested and each batch can be traced back to the report for the certainty of purity and product life. Laboratory test certificates can be emailed to customers on request. To maintain our high standards, we are members of the Cannabis Trades Association. The only trade association recognised by  British and European authorities. Through being a member of the trade association we are always up to date with new legislation and best practices within the industry. Buying a Botanical Garden product means a “better you today”

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