What Happens When You Take CBD?

is CBD Legal

The first thing to say about “What happens when you take CBD” is that it will not give you a high or leave you feeling strange or spaced out. CBD is considered to be non-psychoactive and therefore is perfectly safe to use.

Taking CBD will also not show up as a positive result in any tests for illegal substances. We advise it is best when you are starting out on your first CBD course, to begin with, a small amount first, to see how your body reacts and work up if needed until you find the level that works best for you.

CBD oil drops

A good starting point would be our CBD oil drops, which are one of the strongest and competitively priced products on the market, with a volume strength of  8% CBD and a milligram content of 825mg. As well as CBD there are all the other components naturally produced by the plant and which are present in our CBD oil.

CBD Oil 10 ml

We suggest a serving of 25mg per day, and increase the amount every 2/3 weeks by 25mg until you feel the benefit or alternatively decreasing the dosage by 25mg. If you consider that you are not feeling as well as when you first started the course. The recommended dose we advise is 2/3 drops three times a day.

This will provide our recommended 25mg per day to start your course with our CBD oil. Everyone’s body and metabolism is different and it is important to personally asses how you are feeling and adjust the dosage to fit your requirements.


We have had many good reports from people taking our CBD who have stated they have definitely benefited and felt better for taking CBD. We have had no reports that our CBD products have caused a detrimental effect in any way.

The benefits of CBD have been well documented in the media and newspapers and is a clear indication that CBD really works and is perfectly safe to use. The products in our online shop are among the best and most cost-effective available. Our aim is to provide a product that will make “A BETTER YOU TODAY”

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