What is Entourage Effect CBD Oil?

CBD Entourage Effect. The Botanical Garden.

There is a lot of information that has been gathered through numerous studies concerning whether CBD is better after it has been isolated from all the other ingredients produced by the plant, hence the term CBD Isolate, or if it is better used in conjunction with all the other compounds that are naturally produced by the plant.

What these studies have concluded is that the consensus of opinion is that using the whole plant compounds work best and are definitely more effective when used together.

There are over 100 compounds produced by the hemp plant of which CBD is the largest percentage and all compliment each other to give the strongest benefit available.

Entourage Effect CBD

The name was given to CBD with the whole plant extract included, of which CBD is the largest percentage of compounds is called the “ENTOURAGE EFFECT”.

Obviously the stronger the concentration of CBD which also includes all the other compounds produced by the plant will give the most beneficial results. So you need to know what strength of CBD you are actually taking.

It is easy to be misled by thinking that the percentage of CBD you are taking is the most important thing. In fact, what matters and what really counts is the number of milligrams that are present.

A higher milligram count results in a stronger amount of CBD and all the other good extracts from the plant to give the Best Entourage Effect. Checking the total milligrams rather than the total volume percentage of CBD will help you to decide which products offer the best value.

Taking CBD regularly will give the maximum beneficial effect and allow the for its undoubted benefits to working properly.

For your body to properly adjust when taking CBD we recommend it be taken consistently for between seven to ten days. All our products have a recommended daily dosage and we advise you to keep to the stated amount and to assess the benefits over a period of seven to ten days.

There are no Psychoactive or harmful ingredients in our CBD if you feel the need to increase the dosage to suit your own bodily needs. Our range is one of the most competitively priced products per milligrams of CBD available.

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