Which CBD product to use?

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When looking to buy a CBD product, it is wise to check out the claims being made for the product being advertised.

Many sellers make varied claims for the CBD they sell and it is worthwhile checking out the claims and sorting the wheat from the chaff, or the truth from the myth.

Cannabis Trade Association UK | CBD Product

We at The Botanical Garden adhere strictly to the new legal UK regulations for selling CBD related products, and as such we are members of the Cannabis Trades Association. Who is the only government approved body, set up to regulate and oversee all aspects of legally promoting and selling CBD product.

Anyone promoting and selling CBD products, who are not a member of the Cannabis Trades Association must be treated with the utmost caution and checked that they are observing all the legal requirements of UK law.

Before you put anything into your body you need to be quite sure that it is safe to do so and that you trust the company who is selling the product.

CBD compliance

We have seen CBD products advertised claiming things that are outright fraudulent and because of the lack of any sort of compliance with current protocols could even be dangerous to ingest.

So check and find out first that the supplier is following all the professional guidelines for your own safety and peace of mind. For us at The Botanical Garden, all the CBD we sell is sourced from organically managed hemp plants that are grown with the strictest welfare and husbandry methods.

The methods managed to produce the highest quality of CBD, that is free from contaminants and other harmful substances.

What is CBD?

The plants used have been chosen for the high yield of CBD they produce. Our CBD will not give you a high and is definitely not addictive. There is a misunderstanding that because CBD is produced from the hemp plant. The hemp is a member or strain of the cannabis family, it will have the same effect as marijuana. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our CBD products are fully legal in the UK and produced to the safety standards required for use. Our company is dedicated to an ethical and moral business philosophy to adhere to all safety standards regarding CBD whilst navigating the FDA and the CTA UK,

CBD is one of the strongest on the market and also competitively priced. Our aim is for “A BETTER YOU TODAY”.

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