About The Botanical Garden


Hello and welcome,

The Botanical Garden started as a quest to put holistic complementary products based on the latest research and standardised processing methods within reach of people seeking healthier lifestyles whilst navigating the FDA.

We are a premium supplier of organic full-spectrum CBD oil and related products. We source our products from the best producers in Europe who are using state of the art supercritical Co2 method of extraction incorporating the highest standards of production. Our goal is to supply the best, purest, and highest quality hemp CBD oil available. Our products adhere to and comply with all UK regulatory directives. Each batch is lab tested for potency as well as for unique terpene profile, pesticides, heavy metals, and microbiological contamination. We are also members of The Hemp Trades Association, the leading trade body for the industry.

CBD oil has been produced for centuries all around the world and has a proven track record of helping people to enjoy a better quality of life.

We are constantly looking at the cutting edge of technology, and keeping track of the most recent trends in CBD studies. We are always looking for the best new ways being developed and to supply the best product available. CBD or Cannabidiol oil is a natural product and as such offers the potential ability to aid a healthy lifestyle. We don’t use any products that are genetically modified and each batch is tested to make sure there are no contaminants.

Our products are 100% natural. They are also not addictive and used as advised will not have any negative effect on a person’s health.

We aim to bring the best up to date product for innovation and safety at an affordable price.

If you have any queries or would just like to get in touch with us we are just a call or email away.

  • Full Spectrum CBD oil
  • No artificial chemicals
  • No Genetically Modified products
  • Each batch lab tested for purity of origin
  • Will not make you high
  • Not additive
  • Perfectly safe with no side effects
  • Competitively priced and affordable

Money-back guarantee

Botanical Garden Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales under company registration number 11300117.

Address: The Botanical Garden Ltd, 1A Raeburn Ave, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 2QE