Good times are ahead! Celebrate with The Botanical Garden and get your FREE Back2Life 5% CBD Oil

Back2Life FREE CBD Oil.

The Botanical Garden is proud to have positively affected the wellbeing and health of millions of people all around the world. Possibly including yours! In return for that loyalty, we are giving away FREE CBD OIL with every Dutch Natural Healing order.

Now, we’re celebrating the fact that we’re slowly getting back to life with you, too. By giving away our new Back2Life 5% CBD Oil – 10ml (500mg) with a sophisticated terpene-mix:


CBD oil has played an essential role during the current COVID-pandemic, so we’ve noticed. During this time, hemp oil slowly emerged from out of the sickbay, used by people trying to soothe all sorts of serious ailments. And it is finally getting acknowledged as a supportive and preventative measure against some diseases, too.

After all, science has shown us that cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol (CBD) could positively impact various discomforts. Like insomnia, fibromyalgia, or (chronic) pain caused by injuries, rheumatic disorders, nerve damage, and inflammations.

CBD oil could also positively influence the development of COVID-19 infections. A phenomenon we’ve described in our blog: ‘Studies: ‘CBD oil and Vitamin D3 could help treat and prevent COVID-19.”

Mental support from CBD

Moreover, CBD products by The Botanical Garden have a rock-steady reputation and are known to offer mental support and provide relaxation. Something which became more and more important given the times we are in – and have been in during the pandemic. Accordingly, we’ve received a lot of feedback from consumers who are using our products to maintain a healthy thought pattern; and helped them get through hardship over the past year.

Luckily, today it looks like we are all on our way back to life and moving in the right direction. Good times are coming again! And now that we are slowly on our way back to life. We decided to use our capacity and produce a product to help you focus on the good times that are coming: Back2Life 5% CBD Oil.

Back2Life CBD oil with sophisticated terpene-mix

Back2Life 5% CBD oil is a full-spectrum hemp oil with at least 500mg Cannabidiol (CBD) per 10ml. Besides, it contains other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, and CBN to increase the product’s entourage effect. Moreover, this unique product is enriched with a sophisticated mix of plant-natural terpenes from hemp.

Some of the essential terpenes you’ll find in this oil are myrcene, linalool, and a-humulene. As explained in our blog’ Terpenes in CBD oil: an easy guide to the aromatic compounds in hemp’, terpenes give hemp oil its unique taste and support the cannabinoids’ entourage effect. We’ve created the perfect profile for our Back2Life 5% CBD oil edition by carefully selecting and blending terpenes based on their unique effect.
This unique composition of cannabinoids and terpenes creates an oil that could provide more relief and relaxation compared to other products on the market. And could contribute to your confidence and increased mental resilience.

According to the feedback we’ve received from our special consumer panel, testing the product. Just what we need to come back to life as a society! Now FREE 5% Back2Life CBD oil with each qualifying order!

Look out for the qualifying products with the promo sticker on the website!

Thanks to many loyal customers who’ve been with us for years – or just joined The Botanical Garden Family.

We want to continue on this path and celebrate the fact that we’re finally getting back to life with you, too, and offering mental support and steady thoughts after the pandemic to anyone who can use it.
So for the next eight weeks to come, we are shipping out a FREE bottle of Back2Life 5% CBD oil with every Dutch Natural Healing product (look for promo stickers) order. Regardless of the amount, you spend in our CBD shop – you will receive a 10ml bottle of this special terpene-rich hemp oil. We hope that our contribution will help you and your loved ones experience the same relief as our test panel.

Back 2 Life CBD Oil

Pictured: Back2Life CBD Oil

How to use CBD oil 5% Back2Life edition

> Shake well before every use
> One spray, 1-2 times a day under the tongue and swallow after a minute
> Increase dosage if desired after 10-14 days or contact us for dosing advice
> Store in a dark place at room temperature

Product specifications:

> Quantity CBD:  5% (±9mg CBD per spray)
> Sprays:   ± 55
> Type of oil:   Full Spectrum with sophisticated terpene-mix
> Meaning:   All terpenes and cannabinoids present
> Benefits:   Specially designed for the upcoming good times
> Colour:   Light brown / gold
> Packaging:   Glass bottle with spray head
> Taste:   Vegetable, sweet and rich
> £ per MG CBD:   £ 0.05
> Suitable for: The whole family

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