What is CBD Oil, Cannabinoid?

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These are the fundamental facts you need to know about what CBD oil is and where it comes from. These facts will help you understand the history of CBD oil, what part of the plant it is extracted from, and how this contributes to your body’s working.

CBD oil is one of at least 113 unique cannabinoid chemical compounds found in Cannabis and Hemp Plants.

This list is not believed to be debilitated as scientists regularly discover new cannabinoid chemical compounds on a routine basis. Many of these compounds are either insignificant or still being researched to be applied in modern and alternative medicine. Although CBD is found in Cannabis plants, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol thc) is the most common and amply found cannabinoid present in Cannabis.

In reverse, THC is found only in trace amounts in Hemp plants, whereas CBD is the prevailing compound, naturally occurring component. Cannabidiol is known to account for up to 40% of the extracts derived from the Hemp plant. Other extracts include Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. These extracts are used for different purposes.

Hemp Seed CBD Oil

Hemp Seed Oil is well known for having a healthy fatty acid profile that advocates healing. Hemp Seed Oil is often used for treating inflammation and is good for various skin conditions. Whereas, Hemp Oil is still typically used for CBD Oil. Despite being a relative of THC, a compound found in marijuana that gets you high, CBD is not an addictive compound.

Unlike THC, CBD interacts naturally with our internal systems without being psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you high. This important biochemical feature of CBD makes it a safer treatment option than medical Marijuana. CBD is classified as a “food supplement” in many countries. This means that when taking it, you are not actually ingesting a form of what is considered to be a drug, but rather, you are taking a natural supplement. CBD has many great benefits, which I will discuss in another blog post, “Why Should I Use CBD Oil?”

Where Does it Come From?

In recent years CBD has gained popularity due to its many benefits, such as relief from chronic pain and ailments such as seizure disorders. Despite not being able to get you high, CBD Oil will cause significant changes in your body. These changes are caused by the cannabinoids attaching themselves to your endocannabinoid system, allowing them to regulate functions that support relief from pain and other difficult or debilitating symptoms.

Hemp is the least processed form of a Cannabis plant. It also happens to be the plant that contains the highest volume of CBD that can be extracted and used for health and well-being benefits.

Despite both coming from the Cannabis Sativa plant, Hemp and Marijuana are two very different things. They both have different genetics based on being different strains of the same plant. Also, they are cultivated for different uses.

Hemp and Marijuana Farmers

Historically, and due to historical laws, Hemp was a legal crop that could be grown to create fibres such as cloth and paper. Marijuana, however, has been outlawed in most countries for quite some time and is not typically used for anything beyond its psychoactive effects to get you ‘high’. Marijuana plant farmers have spent a long time selectively breeding Marijuana strains to increase THC levels in their plants.

Hemp farmers, on the other hand, have barely altered the plant at all. This means that these plants are still incredibly high in Cannabidiol Cbd Oil, hence why most CBD Oil comes from hemp farmers. CBD Oil is present in Hemp Oil but not in Hemp Seed Oil. HOWEVER, the CBD Oil that is generally consumed is an entirely separate extract all on its own.

is CBD Legal

CBD Oil that is extracted to be used as a health supplement is extracted in a manner that allows it to stay pure and free of THC and other radicals that may take away from the quality of the oil itself.

The way CBD oil is extracted from the plant is crucial in ensuring the oil’s quality is kept intact. When not extracted efficiently, CBD Oil will be inferior and will not have as great of an impact on supporting individuals in experiencing the health benefits.

The correct way to extract CBD Oil is carbon dioxide (CO2) to maintain its integrity.

What is a Cannabinoid?

A Cannabinoid is known to be the primary chemical compound discovered in the Hemp and Cannabis plants, discovered in the 1940s with scientists originally discovering CBD and CBN in the trichomes of the Hemp plant.

THC was not discovered until much later, in 1964. Scientists have continued to research the plant for the past seventy plus years, finding approximately 111 more cannabinoids since.

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