CBD Oil UK, do you know enough about what you are buying?

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In a study by PhytoVista and the Centre for Medical Cannabis, it’s been reported that over half of the 30 CBD products in Europe were tested to have THC levels two times more than the accepted limit.

The tested products were those that are being sold online and in stores. 45% of the products that contained THC had about 0.4% mean content of THC – such studies highlight the importance of regulating CBD products in the UK.

Solvents found in CBD products

Apart from the excessive THC levels found in the products, the research has also discovered that only around 38% of the tested products actually contained the actual CBD content advertised. Moreover, 38% of the products contained less than 50% of the CBD amount that they claim to have. This isn’t very pleasant, especially to individuals who highly rely on these products’ CBD content.

See the video below, which shows our manufacturers ‘Dutch Natural Healing’ using a testing kit, doing just that.


Surprisingly, a sample of a 30ml product obtained from a shop contained 0% CBD. The said product retailed for £90 (~€100). Even one product contained higher ethanol levels than the recommended amount, which is 3.4% which in the UK is the level of ethanol in alcoholic beverages.

By the same token, seven of the products tested were even found to contain the solvent dichloromethane of around 3-13 ppm. Cyclohexane, also a solvent, was found in a product.

Although the solvent levels in these products are within limits recommended, they still exceed the recommended food safety levels. CMC stated that the study results should serve as a guide for the CBD industry in coming up with products that abide by the standards and are high-quality products that abide by the standards.

Moreover, CMC also encourages producers to make use of these findings to take necessary steps to assure that this will not happen again.

Requesting regulation and guidelines for CBD products

Such data gave a push to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) of the UK to request the government for specific guidelines regarding tetrahydrocannabinol or THC levels in products like CBD oils.

In the letter to the Home Secretary, the RPS said that they were willing to come up and give advice regarding specific steps they should make so that no one would break the law with regards to products containing CBD. Pharmacists also demanded guidance with regards to the legality of CBD product handling.

They also called out on the out-dated laws concerning CBD.

They also add that it is legal to sell CBD in the UK as long as they do not include any medical claims in their marketing. Furthermore, the limit of THC is only up to 0.2%.

The UK government’s Medicines and health care product administrative body has contacted one hundred eighty stockists since 2016 over issues they were creating unauthorized health claims for CBD.

Unless they need them commissioned as a medication, sellers cannot claim any specific health claims.

The researchers also found the presence in seven products of the solvent dichloromethane, which can cause wheezing and shortness of breath at levels above food safety limits.

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is on a quest to adhere to all UK Laws concerning CBD and do not offer to make any specific health claims regarding CBD or Cannabidiol products.

We ensure our products are manufactured to the highest standards with a necessary lab certification, ensuring the product’s purity. Furthermore, our CBD products adhere to regulations concerning CBD oil sales within the UK.


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