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Dutch Natural Healing (based in Castricum – Noord-Holland) has developed in recent years into one of the best producers of CBD products. They owe this reputation to an honest and reliable working method and fresh CBD products.

Dutch Natural Healing CBD products are made in the Netherlands and the nursery only uses the tops of organically produced hemp plants. The most important objective is to deliver high and consistent product quality. That is what they work on every day with great dedication and pleasure.

They further distinguish themselves with an open and personal attitude, a Dutch no-nonsense mentality and always products that remain close to the hemp plant. That is the success of a high-quality CBD product.

In 2019 they produced CBD oil for more than 100 resellers. Their cannabinoid profiles have now become a benchmark in Europe and they are justifiably proud of that. Their motto: “Quality does not have to be expensive. It all depends on the potential, the quality and the processes that it goes through.”

Many different types of CBD oil and formulas are available on the market, all with different effects. Little is known about the exact content and operation of the various formulas.

Dutch Natural Healing CBD Products

CO2 extract (CBD paste)

A CO2 extract is, as the name suggests, a hemp concentrate whose active ingredients have been extracted from the plant material with the help of CO2.

CO2 not only ensures that the CBD is extracted from the plant material, but also the fats, sugars, leaf greenery, and substances that add nothing if you only want to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes.

CO2 is often used in the food industry to make extracts because it actually extracts everything from the plant material. A CBD CO2 extract contains about 1/3 of waxing, giving it the structure of a paste. Because of its thickness, a CO2 extract usually becomes offered in syringes.

The bioavailability of a CO2 extract is just like a standard CBD oil approximately 6-12%. This means that only 6% to 12% is absorbed by the body. The amount of CBD present in a CO2 extract depends on the type of fiber hemp used, the harvest time, the climate and the knowledge of the extractor.

CBD Oil based on an extract

Most types of CBD oil on the market are made from a CO2 extract that has been diluted with an oil such as olive oil, hemp seed oil or coconut oil. Hemp seed oil can sometimes not be kept for as long and coconut oil has the disadvantage that it solidifies causing clumps to form. Coconut oil must be heated in order to be able to take it.

CBD oil is usually sold in a pipette bottle and is therefore usually an extract diluted with an oil such as olive oil, hemp seed oil or coconut oil. The bioavailability is 6-12%, just like the hemp extract (CBD paste). Because a CBD oil is a dilution of an extract, it always contains less CBD than a pure extract.

CBD Oil based on crystals

There are also more and more types of CBD oil on the market that are made based on CBD crystals. These crystals are of natural or synthetic origin where the difference is indistinguishable. The natural crystals are isolated from fiber hemp and purified in such a way that a solid crystalline substance is formed.

Natural CBD crystals are not yet for sale in the UK due to the ‘grey areas’ surrounding the benefits of CBD and as yet, there are more predominately sold in Europe where the CBD markets are more relaxed.

The synthetic CBD is made by reacting different chemicals so that the biological synthesis of the plant is simulated. The natural CBD and synthetic CBD are exactly the same fabric with exactly the same effect.

However, other compounds may arise during the production process of the synthetic CBD that could potentially be harmful and even cause unpleasant side effects.

There will also always be residues from the chemical reaction within synthetic CBD crystals. The biggest disadvantage of CBD oil-based crystals is that the difference between natural and synthetic CBD crystals is very difficult to distinguish.

Synthetic crystals are almost always sold as natural CBD crystals, and oil makers cannot distinguish the difference without the intervention of a specialized laboratory.

Another disadvantage of oil-based CBD crystals is that there is only CBD in it and therefore you will miss a lot of other cannabinoids and terpenes so that the effect will always be less than a CBD oil that also contains other cannabinoids and terpenes, which is often referred to as full-spectrum CBD oil.

CBD products provided by The Botanical Garden have the necessary Lab Test certificates to ensure the purity of products always from reputable manufacturers and suppliers of organically produced cannabis plants.

CBD Oil at Nano Level, a New Form of CBD

A relatively new form of CBD oil is the CBD oil at the nano level. CBD crystals or a hemp extract are brought to the nano level by means of ultrasonic frequencies.

According to the sellers of this oil, the bioavailability is many times higher and this oil – according to the sellers – is therefore much better absorbed by the body.

Operation of Nano CBD oil

Nano CBD is nothing but CBD with smaller particle sizes. CBD crystals are used for the development of nano CBD, but also hemp extracts. The molecule is made smaller with the help of ultrasonic frequencies, but the lipophilic properties of CBD remain the same.

Although Nano CBD is smaller and therefore easier to absorb by the body, the Nano CBD still needs to be bound by the body to a lipoprotein. This causes a large part of the Nano CBD to be broken down by enzymes in the liver.

Nano CBD is not allowed and there are also great dangers behind this technique. For example, you do not want to take hemp extract at the nano level because the heavy metals that may be present in the extract have also been converted to Nanoparticles and you naturally prefer not to get them in your body.

Why is Nano CBD more effective?

Nano CBD is absorbed better by the body than the standard, the oil contains nanotechnology cannabidiol, which means that its molecules are characterized by smaller volumes than traditional oils, and hence they can penetrate cell structure more effectively.

The Botanical Garden

We are proud suppliers of Dutch Natural Healing CBD Oil products, and our customer reviews are a testament to this.

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